REC - Albania


The Regional Environmental Center (REC), Country Office for Albania, is an Albanian legal entity registered under the Law on Non-profit Organizations. As part of the REC country office network, REC Albania works to fulfill the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe mission by supporting NGOs, environmental institutions at the national, regional and local levels, and various stakeholders in the field of the environment. It also promotes participatory processes and the exchange of information.

 The multidisciplinary activities of REC Albania cover all aspects of technical assistance, including:

  • Local initiatives and environmental investments
  • Environmental Planning and Management, National, Regional and Rural Development
  • Environmental Education and Information
  • Environmental Legislation and Legislative Framework
  • Capacity Development and Technical Assistance
  • Public Participation on Environmental Matters
  • Civil Society Support and Assistance


Local initiatives • Biodiversity and rural development • Civil society support • Climate change • Education • Environmental information • Environmental assessment • Health and environment • Implementing the Aarhus Convention • Law, enforcement and compliance • Innovation and technology transfer • etc.


Advisory and consultation • Technical assistance on specific environmental issues • Capacity building and training • Financial support for environmental infrastructure • Information and exchange • Dialogue facilitation and promotion


Methodologies and manuals on environmental related sectors • Capacity building documents and papers • Rising environmental knowledge and educational books and papers • Legislation and legal framework • Thematic bulletins and newspapers • Thematic brochures and leaflets • Experts databases and websites


  • Central Government (technical assistance and capacity building for the staff of Ministries and national authorities – more than 200 specialists trained and promoted)
  • Regional Government (methodology and techniques for building new capacities and implementing regional environmental standards – more than 1000 specialists trained and involved in processes – 4 regional plans prepared and adopted)
  • Local Government (multi-sectoral support for Municipalities and Communes – technical assistance – trainings – information – exchange – manuals and methodologies – investments – more than 100 LGUs supported)
  • Universities and schools (trainings – methodologies – techniques – more than 2000 teachers and academic staff trained)

Civil Society Organizations (Thematic trainings – technical support – funds – exchange and networking – specialization – more than 150 CSOs supported)

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