EU-HCWM Project - Vocational Qualification Framework Developed

The beginning of 2015 has seen the completion of one of the project milestones, the development of the framework for the vocational qualification in Healthcare Waste Management and Treatment.

The framework has been developed after a consultation process with healthcare waste management professionals in all the project partner countries.

The qualification framework now addresses two differing scenarios in regard to the management and treatment of healthcare wastes:

  1. Vocational qualification for a healthcare waste manager who does not have an infectious waste treatment facility within the hospital where he or she is based and
  2. Vocational qualification for a healthcare waste manager who does have an infectious waste treatment facility within the hospital where he or she is based

The newly developed qualification framework also takes account of the need to address the challenge of climate change adaptation and in this regard a unit has been included on climate change adaptation auditing and reporting.

There has also been a recognition within the award that many healthcare waste managers have a combined role of environmental manager and often incorporating health & safety issues including aspects of bio-security and injection safety.

The unit titles now included in the qualification framework are intended to reflect the different facets of the role of the modern healthcare waste manager.

The qualification has also been developed recognising the importance of healthcare waste auditing; environmental reporting; waste minimisation; waste contracting and also of delivering training to other staff members within the healthcare facility.

In the coming week or so a series of unit pathways will be developed in regard to the award and to reflect the different job roles of different waste managers. This will result in a mix of both mandatory and optional unit pathways to award attainment.

The new qualification comprises of a suite of 26 units and the project team are now developing a set of complimentary National Occupational Standards for each of the award unit titles. This process should be completed by the end of March 2015.

Once this process has been completed a formal qualification will be developed and then the partners will work on the development of a set of unit based training materials to accompany the award along with guidance for accreditation and awarding bodies in the assessment of the award.

The complete set of award unit titles is outlined below along with the partner organisation responsible for their development.    

EU-HCWM Qualification Framework

Healthcare Waste Management and Treatment Award

  1. Control the collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste at a healthcare facility (Club EMAS)
  2. Control the movement, sorting and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (Club EMAS)
  3. Implementing a Waste Minimisation Programme, including the sorting and storage of recycled materials, at a healthcare facility (NRI IEP)
  4. Monitor the procedures to control risks to health and safety of the waste management function at a healthcare facility (SIGMA)
  5. Managing Waste Transportation operations for the transfer of hazardous and non- hazardous healthcare waste at a healthcare facility (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) (ET Log)
  6. Control the reception of infectious waste at a healthcare waste treatment facility (REC FYROM)
  7. Control site operations for the treatment of infectious healthcare waste at a healthcare facility (REC FYROM)
  8. Control the disposal of outputs and residues from infectious healthcare waste treatment operations or, healthcare waste transfer operations, at a healthcare facility (NRI IEP)
  9. Control maintenance and other engineering operations at an infectious healthcare waste treatment facility (REC FYROM)
  10. Control improvements to waste management operations/practices at a healthcare facility (SIGMA)
  11. Ensure protection of the environment at healthcare facilities treating or transferring hazardous waste from a healthcare facility (NRI IEP)
  12. Managing a budget to Supporting the efficient use of resources (REC Slo)
  13. Select and manage sub contracted services (REC Slo)
  14. Implement and manage contracted service or supplies (REC Slo)
  15. Manage cleaning services at a healthcare facility (ICERMS)
  16. Contribute to the selection of personnel for activities (Sinergie)
  17. Review the performance of teams and individuals (Sinergie)
  18. Create effective working relationships (Sinergie)
  19. Understanding Healthcare Waste Management Legislation and the Defining Healthcare Waste (ICERMS)
  20. Developing a Healthcare Waste Policy Document and a Healthcare Waste Management Plan (SIGMA)
  21. Waste Management Plan Implementation, Record-keeping and Reporting (SIGMA)
  22. Preparing for and Delivering a Healthcare Waste Management Vocational Training Programme (Club EMAS)
  23. Conducting a healthcare waste management audit and pre-acceptance auditing for healthcare waste (ICERMS)
  24. Sharps Waste Management and Biosecurity at a Healthcare Facility (ET Log)
  25. Injection Safety (ET Log)
  26. Climate Change Adaptation Auditing & Reporting at a Healthcare Facility (ICERMS)

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