EU-HCWM Project Proposal Officially Accepted

The EU-HCWM project proposal has been accepted under the Leonardo Da Vinci Life Long Learning Programme, and will kick off at the start of February, after the project kick-off meeting is held in Scotland.

This will be the last ever call for proposals under this programme, and similar projects will now be done through the Erasmus+ Programme.

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The Project

The project aims to provide a unified approach to the development of National Occupational Standards and Vocational Educational Training Programmes for Healthcare Waste Management across the EU Member States.

The project has a strong team, comprising of 12 partners, representing 11 European countries and two pan European industry associations.

The partnership group represents a broad range of stakeholders with a high level of technical expertise from both the state and private healthcare sectors.

In addition the project partnership includes stakeholders representing both healthcare waste managers and healthcare providers as well as a strong representation from vocational education training.

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Key Outputs 

An assessment of the current VET availability across the EU countries, represented by the partner countries.

  • Assessment of the core skills requirements for the role of healthcare waste managers
  • The development of a standardised EU vocational training programme for healthcare waste managers.
  • The development of associated training materials to underpin the training programme.
  • The development of an e-learning platform to facilitate the remote deliver of the training programme.
  • An EU wide network of healthcare waste management professionals will be established

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